Pianoply makes learning piano ridiculously fun


Ok, so I don't get it. What is Pianoply?

Pianoply is a soon to be launched, free website that uses your digital piano. You can use a cheap MIDI controller keyboard for less than $50, or you can spend thousands on something fancy from Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Hammond, Dave Smith Instruments, or others. We recommend low to middle ground as a starting point. For simplicity, we call all of these things with black and white keys "pianos." (The old-school pianos shown on this page won't really work, since they don't speak MIDI. But hey, they are pretty. And colorful.

Pianoply can be considered a bit of each of:

an instructional app

you learn a skill: playing a piano/keyboard

a game

you enjoy a fun (and maybe addictive) challenge, and can compete with yourself or others to get a better score

an entertainment site

you enjoy your favorite music, along with their original videos, with the overlaid graphics giving you a greater appreciation of the music.

Pianoply uses a bunch of bleeding edge web browser features -- such as utilizing a digital MIDI piano as input, being able to synthesize complex sounds, as well as some graphics tricks involving "perspective transforms" and animating them smoothly -- and we get to pull out all the stops to make it cool to look at and unlike most things you've seen running in web browsers.

This font is irritating, can you fix it?

Ummm, ok.

Can you show me a demo? Or a video?

Well, maybe. If you email me at rjbrown@gmail.com, I'll let you in the beta. But it isn't completely public yet.

These color-shifting pianos are tripping me out. How'd you do that?


When is Pianoply launching publicly?

Soon. Maybe in a few weeks? Join the beta, and I can tell you more.

Did you seriously buy your domain from Libya? Libya???!


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